Our approach is based on your need. Each business is unique in the assets and resources it has and requires a customized solution to provide the optimal benefit. Therefore we start with you. We analyze and assess your resources, capabilities, and “global fitness” and the consider domestic, regional, and global resources to develop multiple paths to strategically enter an Asian market.

The Common Approach considers traditional methods of entering the Asian market directly such as using a sales agent, distributor, or business incubator.. This path has been well defined by history, well served by multiple providers, and comes with a defined bias. But to survive and excel in today’s rapidly changing markets, they rarely provides sustainable, long-term results.

The Contemporary Approach optimizes global access points directly to your customers and results in an efficient and low cost method to enter any Asian market. In addition, this also creates new opportunities to expand your current channels in the markets you serve and may open up new opportunities in markets not yet served.

Depending on company needs, resources, goals and objectives, and risk adversity, we guide the process for you to choose a Common, Contemporary, or blended approach to deliver the best decision possible under your circumstances.